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Pre-releasing Bee Smalltalk

Today marks a key milestone in Bee project: we are realizing Bee main sources and libraries to the public sphere ! Do not get too excited yet. This is stated as a pre-release, because many things are yet missing and as the license is CC-BY-NC (for now). Also, there's no way to browse code like in a complete smalltalk environment, nor to rebuild the kernel. You can consider this as just a small preview of what the system is going to be like internally. There are two kinds of files: SLLs are the binary smalltalk libraries, SMLs contain the source code of their respective libraries. bee.sll is the main executable (it is just an .exe file, you can rename and double-click). In case no arguments are passed, a *REALLY* basic command line interface is shown, where you can enter some Smalltalk code: $> bee Welcome to bee. command line interface is waiting for you > 3+4+5 12 > 3 class SmallInteger > | o | o := Object new. o size 0 If you pass a file, like this: