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Some analysis about the kernel size

The last days we've been working on integrating the code for loading libraries. This code required us to take deep breath, do a lot of diving and a bit of surgery here and there. So the whole changeset was done, but in our process, we had to split it in small pieces with tests before it could be integrated.  As this was going to take some time we thought it was also a good moment to take a break and introduce some long overdue refactorings. Happily, these days we have most of this tiresome work done. With the kernel in our hand and a library to load, we did some basic tests. One of the first things that got our attention was that the kernel was too big, our bee.exe kernel was 8.290.816 bytes long. You may think it's not that much but we were expecting -and would be comfortable with- something much smaller, in the order of 2 to 3 MB (the kernel library with just the objects and the bytecodes, without native code or all the PE (Windows executable format) tables is only 788.763